Jewellery design workshop
Altersgruppe: 6-14 Jahre, 1 Einheit à 2,5 Stunden, am 4.10.2019

Making jewellery is a great project for children. In addition to making something beautiful to wear for themselves, it trains creativity and also helps improving tactile skills, patience, endurance, working with tools, counting and measuring.

The children work in the professional environment of an artist's studio, with all the tools and they learn how to use them correctly. The projects are tailored to suit children having no prior experience. The initial focus of the course is on experimenting with different materials and techniques. All the produced jewellery can be taken home. The workshop will be held in English language only (!) by Josepha Raho, a trained jeweller, art teacher and native speaker.


Kursnummer: SDUK1902
Kursort: Kubus Atelier, Linzer Strasse 403/II, 1140 Wien
Kurskosten: EUR 60,-- inkl. Material
Samstag, 15:00-17:30 Uhr
Termin: 4.10.2019




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